Jesus said the greatest among you is the servant just as he came not to be served but to serve and give his life for many.
We believe that serving others is essential to our spiritual growth as we seek to live the way that Jesus lived.
Our B-Team is the crew that serves at The Bridge.  They are our prayer warriors, setup team, and simply the group that will do whatever it takes to make sure people experience the life-changing power of Jesus.


  • I will continue to grow and mature my relationship with God through consistent time in scripture, active attendance at church, and active attendance in a small group.
  • I will maintain a lifestyle that is both Godly and above reproach, knowing that my lifestyle is a model for other students. (i.e. I am not currently living with my boyfriend or girlfriend).
  • I will serve in the Bridge Ministry for a full semester at minimum.
  • I will attend all mandatory volunteer meetings and do my best to be responsive to text communication and sign-ups.
  • I will be attending leader trainings if offered
  • I will be on time for the programs I am committing to.
  • Regardless of time slot I serve, I am committing to take ownership of the Bridge as a whole; I will speak well of others and do my best to maintain unity in our group. I will seek to connect people to our ministry.